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Make movie credits with VideoTagger

VideoTagger® is an enterprise level software package for creating professional movie credits

VideoTagger is a professional video titling software product that is cost-friendly, and easy to learn. It is the ideal solution for creating movie titles or rolling movie credits for any film, short, home movie or even web video. Armed with hundreds of features, its simple interface lets new users create movie credits within minutes. (available for both Windows and Macintosh).
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Key Features:

♥ Instantly preview modifications to your credits on-screen
♥ Time-fit movie credits
♥ Import movie credits from excel
♥ Create & organize multiple credits sections
♥ Assign a visual layout per section
♥ Add images into your titles
♥ Dynamically & instantly make visual changes
♥ Produce professional grade movie credits
♥ Customize the feel of your titles
♥ Blazly fast movie creation process
♥ Target multiple video resolutions

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Designed to be Simple

Just open VideoTagger & get started. It is easy for anyone to pick up.

VideoTagger was designed to allow you to make movie credits in lightning speed. The learning curve is minimal. There are no courses to take to learn the software because they are not needed. Just open VideoTagger and follow your intuition to make your first set of movie credits.
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